In the elysian forest I crossed a fallen elm
freshly covered with the moss of springtime
Here sat a Peacock that spoke to me silently
Simply relaying through his gaze and regal design 
a clear command
Love and heal with this light 

Photo by David Benaïnous

Take the path to better health and well-being.

Messages from the heart and spirit of the forest are waiting for you to find.  Let me guide you to the forest. Come walk bare foot with me, down by the stream, and I will show you to the path that was hidden within you all along. I will lead you to the place within, that will allow you to let the light of healing flow and restore you to balance.

Continue to learn and uncover your own inner mysteries with love, light and magickal woodland blessings from forest healing.

Photo by Laura Hutzel

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Yin-Yang is the fundamental principle, and the most important theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It underlies all physiology, pathology & treatment.  When Yin & Yang are in dynamic balance and relating harmoniously, there are no symptoms to observe. When Yin & Yang are out of balance, they become separated.  This means that when the body is in balance between Yin & Yang, health is predominant. When Yin & Yang are imbalanced, disease occurs.

Acupuncture is an effective method of treatment to maintain and restore this balance.